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Occasionally I do Node development in a Windows environment and wanted to
share some of the tools I use. I am by no means a Windows expert nor is this
meant to be a complete list - please feel free to contribute.


Visit the Node website <> and Install the latest
version per class instructions. *Ensure that Node is added to PATH* (should
be by default). Open cmd and run node -v and npm -v to ensure everything is
installed correctly. Run the javascript console with node -i


cmd should work just fine for node/npm, but if you would prefer a UNIX-like
shell, there are a couple of options:

   - Babun <> (Personal Favorite): an extension of
   cygwin which comes with a bunch of pre-installed packages 

   - Cygwin <>: Probably the most popular windows 

   - Git Bash <>: Git for Windows works
   just like a bash terminal 

Text Editors and IDEs 

   - VS Code <> (Personal Favorite): Great 
   lightweight texted editor. Has great code completion, however, snippets
   need to be added via extensions 

   - VS Studio 2015 Community with Node Tools for VS 
   <>: Great for
   larger projects. Great code completion and snippets out of the box. If you
   like JetBrains products I recommend installing the Resharper Plugin

   - Webstorm <>: I don't have much 
   experience with WS but it should be very similar to VS. May need to install 
   plugins for Angular(2) 

Other command line (bash like) tools to consider for windows are:

ConEmu -
Cmder -

If you're used to eclipse as IDE you can try the
Enide (nodeclipse) -  
It can be a challenge to work with though.

Package managers for older versions of windows:

nuget -
chocolatey -

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