CSC436: Lecture 10 (Project Presentations)

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Presentations [1/1]

The random number generator has spoken!
Here are the times for final project presentations:

Tuesday Nov 15
5:45 Caglar Cinar
6:00 Zhihan Liu
6:15 James Doyle
6:30 Eric Janowski
6:45 Lina Shen
7:00 Wendong Yang
7:30 Matthew McDonald
7:45 Jing Sun
8:00 Lebna Valliparampil Thomas
8:15 Scott Saufferer (online)

Final code due, for all students:
11:30PM Sunday Nov 20

Tuesday Nov 22
5:45 Xin Guo                 
6:00 Nitin Yadav             
6:15 Lavanya Latha Thirupur  
6:30 Justin Deming           
6:45 Thomas Odon             
7:00 Kevin Krewer            
7:30 Anish Krishnan          
7:45 Uros Jankovic           

Online students only: Video due 11:30PM  Sunday Nov 20.  Please upload the
video somewhere, such as dropbox.  Include a publicly accessible link to your
video in the comments for your final code submission.  Only students may also
present in class on either Tuesday (as long as there is room).  Send me an
email if you want to present in class.

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