CSC448: Syllabus

Contact Information

Instructor:James Riely
Home Page:
Address: School of Computing, DePaul University
243 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60604-2301
Office:CDM 846
Office Hours: Tue 3:00-4:00pm, Wed 1:00-2:00pm in CDM 846
Class Page:
Class Hours: Wed 5:45-9:00pm in Lewis 1007 [Section 801]
Online, Anytime [Section 810]

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We will cover:

As homeworks, we will be doing some of the labs from the text. These use java, eclipse and some other tools:

If you prefer not to use eclipse, you can install apache ant and run ant directly from the command line.


By the end of this course, you will:

Lecture Plan

The following lecture plan is tentative and subject to change as the course progresses.

Lecture slides will be available after each lecture. They will not normally be available before the lecture.


Prerequisites: CSC373 and CSC383.

You should be familiar with the following topics:


Required Books

Crafting a Compiler [Amazon, AddAll]

by Charles N. Fischer, Ron K. Cytron, and Richard J. LeBlanc
Addison-Wesley, Copyright: 2009 or 2010

We will use several tools. I expect you to learn these without too much guidance from me.

The course requires that you actively engage the material on your own.


You are required to attend/watch all of the lectures within 24 hours of class meeting.

You are responsible for all material discussed in class.

In-class students must attend the midterm exam.


Your final grade will be based on:

Assessment for homework assignments will be based on whether they achieve the set task and quality of the code.

You are expected to complete all of the homework assignments by the deadline. Late homework submissions will not be accepted. Homework assignments must be submitted through the online system. Email submissions will not be accepted.