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The course will be conducted using Java and some of its many APIs.

I expect you to be able to work your way through the APIs without guidance from me.

The course requires that you actively engage the material on your own.

You should not only read the example code given in class, but modify and run it.

Spend at least a few hours a week playing with the examples given in class, or your own Java code.

Testimonial from a former student:

As a side note, I've spent my summer giving my final project, 'MReversi' for Spring se450, a gui, unlimited undo/redo and tcp connectivity so players can play across a network. I've also ported a version to my Java capable phone with j2me. My next step is to give the phone version tcp capability so phone players can play computer players or whatever. I could not have done this in this short time frame (at least I think it's short) if it wasn't for all the hard work we were made to do in se450. Thanks! "If it don't kill ya, it makes you stronger." :-)

Another testimonial from a former student:

Overall, I enjoyed and learned a lot in SE450. To date, it has been the most time consuming class I've taken possibly ever so you were quite accurate in your warnings early on that we students need to seriously make time.

After many years of project work and software implementations at my day job, there was one thing in particular about the final project that, whether intentional or not, very accurately represented "real world" work. That is, the ambiguity of the assignment. No software project I've been involved in has ever been in neat, clearly defined, package as many of the projects and assignments I've worked on at DePaul. Due to the complexity of what you were asking and a certain amount of open-endedness, it would have been less stressful to not have any other assignments during development of the final project, but again, real life doesn't always allow us the privilege of working on only one thing at a time.

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