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You are responsible for understanding the material presented in class.

You are responsible for any announcements made in class or on the class mailing list.

You must attend the midterm and final exams (unless you are in the DL section).

A medical note will be required for an absence from exams. Business trips or vacations are not valid reasons for missing the exams.

Block out these dates now!

Online students can take exams remotely. Online dates will likely include the weekend before the in class date.

Class materials and recorded lectures are available online. Exams are proctored.

Read the policies here:

If you live in Chicago, you can take the exams at the Loop or Suburban campuses. If you live outside the Chicago area, you will need to find a proctor.

Your online section is paired with an on-campus section. These classes are recorded and uploaded into the Course Management system so you can view them within 24 hours of the live class. The first class is 2015/09/15. The lecture will be available online the following day.

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