SE450: How to set up ant in Textpad

Tom Wilczak has advice for using ant with textpad:

First get all your environment variables set--if you are able to run
Ant from the command line you should be fine. 

Select Configure -> Preferences then highlight Tools
Click the add button, and select DOS command
Enter "Ant -find build.xml " in the Command field
Click the apply button, then highlight ant

Make sure that the 'capture output' and 'save documents first' options
are selected. You may also want to select 'Prompt for parameters', as
this will allow you to run the other ant targets besides the default
project build (ie: Ant clean, ant test, etc.)  

Enter the following in the 'Regular Expression to Match Output' field:
"^[ \t]+\[javac\] \([A-Za-z]:[^:]+\):\([0-9]+\):"

Set the File Register to 1, and the Line Register to 2

To run Ant, your build.xml file should be placed in your project home
directory (the parent directory of your src or code directory) or any
grandparent directory above your project home directory. It is also
configured to jump to the offending file and line when you get
compiler errors.

You can also configure the tools to run from your choice of keyboard
shortcuts by selecting the Keyboard option in the preferences box, and
selecting tools. The rest should be self explanatory.