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The Final Project gives you the opportunity to apply the object-oriented software development skills you have acquired during the course to a significant but moderately-sized application. The following sections describe the general behavior of the application, the simulation, and the deliverable requirements for the project. 

The final project for this class is a simple, flow-based traffic simulation. The O-O paradigm was founded in simulation and is an excellent means for exercising its strengths. The Simula programming language, followed by the Smalltalk environment, together pioneered the development and dissemination of O-O languages, and were first and foremost designed as simulation languages. 

An example executable is here: file:example-project.jar

Starter code for the project is here:

Alternative project:

Comment from a former student:

I recommend renaming this project the “No Pain No Gain” project. Going through it was a challenge at every step but it taught me a valuable lesson about discipline, and has also given me greater confidence in my skills as a developer. Challenges like this are the exact reason why I’m in this program; If I were trying to teach this to myself like many other developers do, I would have given up on the project long ago. But thanks to course materials, professor and T.A. support, plus the tuition money at stake, I pushed myself further than I thought I could go.

Later, from the same student:

... since SE450 I'm so much cooler at work. I rarely get paralyzed by a new challenge. My latest victory was writing a script using OO principles that makes a REST call to a third party system, gets an authentication token, uses it to get data, and inputs the data into a MS SQL database, which I then manipulate with Tableau to build some cool graphs. Except from huge guidance from StackOverflow that was all me! Probably the best tuition dollars I ever spent.

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