CSC535: Syllabus

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Instructor:James Riely
Home Page:
Address: School of Computing, DePaul University
243 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60604-2301
Office:CDM 846
Office Hours: Wed 1:00-2:00pm in CDM 846
Class Page:
Class Hours: Wed 5:45pm-9:00pm in CDM 222 [Section 701]
Online, Anytime [Section 710]

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Semantics is the mathematical study of the meaning of programs.

The goal is finding ways to describe program behaviors that are both precise and abstract.


Lecture Plan

The following lecture plan is tentative and subject to change as the course progresses.

Lecture slides will be available after each lecture. They will not normally be available before the lecture.


CSC447 or my permission.


We are using an online book available from the course homepage.


The course requires you to actively engage the material.


In-class students must attend class.

Online students must watch the class within 24 hours.


Your grade will be computed from:

You are encouraged to collaborate on homework assignments in small groups (two is ideal).

Homework is due before each class.

No late homework.

No extra credit.

DePaul's academic integrity policy