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Sources for project ideas
PL Theory

Sources for project ideas

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David Walker

Andrew Meyers

Greg Morissett

U of Oregon Summer School 2003

U of Oregon Summer School 2004

U of Oregon Summer School 2005

Alan Jeffrey


Language-Based Security (Cornell)

Cyclone Safe C







Proof Carrying Code

Foundational Proof Carrying Code



Purdue Secure Software Systems

CMU Cylab

Illinois Security Lab


Greg Morrisett

Andrew Meyers

David Walker

Martin Abadi

Andy Gordon

Cedric Fournet

Alan Jeffrey

Adriana Compagnoni

Steve Zdancewic

Benjamin Pierce



AOSDSEC: AOSD Technology for Application-Level Security





Access control

Understanding stack inspection

D. Wallach, E. Felten. IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland) '98

CACL: Efficient fine-grained protection for objects

J. Richardson, P. Schwarz, L-F. Cabrera. OOPSLA'92

Capability confinement

An approach to safe object sharing

C. Bryce, C. Razafimahefa. OOPSLA '00.

Encapsulating objects with confined types

C. Grothoff, J. Palsberg, J. Vitek. OOPSLA '01

Information Flow: overview

A note on the confinement problem

B. Lampson. CACM, 1973

Language-based information-flow security

A. Sabelfeld, A. Myers. IEEE J-SAC, 2003

Information Flow: type systems

Certification of programs for secure information flow

D. Denning, P. Denning. CACM, 1977

A sound type system for secure flow analysis

D. Volpano, G. Smith, C. Irvine. J. Comp. Sec., 1997

Detecting format string vulnerabilities with type qualifiers

U. Shankar, K. Talwar, J. Foster, D. Wagner. USENIX Security, 2001.

The SLam calculus: programming with secrecy and integrity

N. Heintze, J. Riecke. POPL'98

A core calculus of dependency

M. Abadi, A. Banerjee, N. Heintze, J. Riecke. POPL'99

JFlow: practical mostly-static information flow control

A. Myers. POPL'99

Checking secure interactions of smart card applets

P. Bieber et al. ENTCS 2000

Information Flow: concurrency and distribution

A hookup theorem for multilevel security

D. McCullough. IEEE Trans. Software Engineering, 1990.

Security models and information flow

J. McLean. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland)'90

Observational determinism for concurrent program security

S. Zdancewic, A. Myers. CSFW'03

Using replication and partitioning to build secure distributed systems

L. Zheng, S. Chong, A. Myers, S. Zdancewic. Oakland '03

Information Flow: declassification and quantification

Robust declassification

S. Zdancewic, A. Myers. CSFW'01

Towards a mathematical foundation for information flow

J. Gray. IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland) '91

What is intransitive noninterference?

A.W.Roscoe. CSFW'99.

Quantifying information flow

G. Lowe. CSFW'02

RSA Laboratories

See the crytpo FAQ


Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?




Shareware. For windows.

Create and read zip archives.

Acrobat Reader

Free. For many platforms.

View and print pdf files.

Windows 2000

DePaul Linux Users Group


Free. For windows.

A powerful set of unix commands ported to windows, including perl and gcc.


Free. For many platforms.

View and print postscript (ps) files.


Commercial. For windows.

An X server.

PL Theory


Logic for Computer Scientists [Amazon, AddAll]

by Uwe Schoning (Birkhauser, 1994)

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists [Amazon, AddAll]

by Benjamin C. Pierce (MIT Press, 1991)

Types and Programming Languages (TAPL) [Amazon, AddAll]

by Benjamin C. Pierce (MIT Press, 2001)


Kernel-Mode Linux

Types mailing list

Formula Tree Lab

Web application for the visualization of ML type inference

by Hugo Simoes

Ulf's Home-Page of Programming Language Design

by Ulf Schunemann

Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving

by Jean Gallier

Jeremy Dawson's List of Online Books

Programming Language Theory Texts Online

collected by Frank Atanassow

Undergraduate Courses About Programming Languages

collected by Gary T. Leavens

Graduate Courses About Programming Languages

collected by Gary T. Leavens

Programming Languages

by Scott F. Smith

An open-source textbook.

Semantics of Programming Languages

by Matthew Hennessy

(Wiley, 1990) (Out of print -- available online)

Semantics of Programming Languages 2001-02

by Andy Pitts

Lecture notes from Cambridge


by Andy Pitts

Lecture notes from Cambridge

Java is not type safe

by Vijay Saraswat

Natural Languages

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

by Rodney D. Huddleston and Geoffrey K. Pullum (Cambridge, 2002)

Online companion to the book:


Lambda the Ultimate

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart)

Amusing rant on typing in perl

Programming Languages talk



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